June 27, 2017

"Small town bicycle shop that does chainsaws as well. Only real bike shop in town - not fancy, but can do the basics to get you back on the road w/ reasonable prices on repairs etc. Can true spokes, repack hubs etc."
July 26, 2016

"After crashing my bike on a ride in town yesterday, while staying in Dickinson on business for the week, I wanted to get my bike checked out and repaired locally, so I could ride some more before returning home. A local referred me to this shop, and I was very pleased with the pleasant and competent service. I walked in the door, told the serviceman what I wanted, and he helped me immediately. While he was checking out the bike the owner walked in and also helped. They got my bike in good shape in about 15 minutes, and charged a reasonable amount for their oexpertise and helpfulness. I would strongly endorse the shop for any bike service needs - just from the way they responded. My guess would be if they thought the repair was something they could not handle they would tell you that upfront - "service with a smile" the way it should be."